• Head Office & Therapeutic Integration Center

    9500 Annapolis Road
    Suites B2 & B3
    Lanham, MD 20706
    Phone: (301) 850 1148
    Fax:     1 (866) 250 3233

    Therapeutic Integration Center

    12200 Plum Orchard Road
    Suite 120A
    Silver Spring, MD 20904
    Phone: (301) 658-1986
    Fax: 1 (866) 250 3233
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Why Choose Us


At Renoxx Caregivers we believe that A Developmental Disability such as Autism is not the enemy… the inability to provide the appropriate and unique care for the child with a developmental disability is the enemy. The lack of care and intervention is the enemy. The inability to explore the reactive, artistic nature of the child is the enemy. These things are not part of who the child is… they are barriers to who the child is meant to be.

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