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General Policies


Key Renoxx Caregivers Policies

1. We Maintain an Element of Choice in All Our Services

  • Technicians have the right to decide whether they want to work with a child.
  • Technicians should not be expected to work with a child who has a contagious illness.
  • Employees have the right to decide not to return to a home if they conclude that they are not a good fit for the family with required notice
  • Family trainers can discontinue services. If a family or parent misses more than two confirmed family training sessions, the family trainer has the right to discontinue services to that family
  • We will do all we can to address any difficulties we encounter with providing your child professional and quality service. If the difficulties cannot be resolved effectively, Renoxx caregivers reserve the right to terminate services.

2. Transportation Policies

  • Renoxx Caregiver’s technician & respite care workers shall provide transportation services to participants that require transportation to community.
  • Transportation of participants shall be done in the technician/respite care worker private vehicle.
  • The agency will not approve transportation of participant if the participant exhibits
    behavioral issues that require constant intervention by a technician/respite care
    worker or the child has elopement issues; or child is new to the agency and
    more time is required to study the child’s behaviors

3. Scheduling & Documentation of Services

  • Autism waiver regulations dictate that providers can only bill in “whole” hour (60 minute) increments
  • Do not exceed the total allotted service hours.
  • Renoxx Caregivers employees and parents should be monitoring the service hours provided to the participant.

4. Use of Renoxx Caregivers Services

  • IISS and respite care are two distinctly different services.
  • IISS consists of implementation goal-directed and task-orientated interventions based on the participant’s individualized Treatment Plan.
  • Respite is essentially child-care, but it requires the worker to understand how to address the special needs of individuals with autism.
  • Both IISS and respite care can be provided in the home and the community, and parents do not have to be present.
  • Overnight respite with Renoxx Caregivers employees must be conducted in the child’s own home.
  • All autism waiver activities can only take place in Maryland
  • Our employees are responsible only for their assigned participants.
  • At no time should any employee of Renoxx Caregivers be responsible for any person other than the child that is receiving services during a given IISS or respite session.
  • Family training is designated for parents and other family members.
  • Renoxx Caregivers supervisors, program coordinators, and family trainers provide supervision to IISS technicians and respite care workers. Family training and supervision are two separate services.