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Our Caregivers


imageOur people are our greatest assets. We operate a team structure model which makes it obvious that every employee and contracted consultant is a member of the big team – Renoxx Caregivers. We employ highly qualified Family Trainers and Supervisors to design & supervise the implementation of goal-directed developmental programs and treatment plans for the children and their families. We hire teams of paraprofessionals and technicians as employees to provide Intensive Individual Support Services and Respite Care to children with autism. Please find below, more information on our job role descriptions and hiring processes.

For more information on the special programs and packages we provide for our employees please click on For Caregivers on the right menu bar.

Who is a Family Trainer or Supervisor?

A Family Trainer is a professional with a certification or licensure in an Education, Mental Health, Speech, Occupational Therapy, or other Health-Related field who has the appropriate amount of experience providing training or consultation in Autism Spectrum Disorder. The “appropriate experience” is dependent upon the type of degree you hold. A family Trainer should be able to knowledgeable in developing Treatment Plans. A Family Trainer provides individualized, hands-on training to the child’s family. The Family Trainer assists the family to help the child acquire, retain, or improve skills in a wide variety of areas that directly affect the participant’s development and ability to reside as independently as possible

Job Qualifications for a Family Trainer:

  • Certified Special Educator
  • Licensed Psychologist
  • Certified School Psychologist
  • Licensed Certified Social Worker
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Board Certified Behavioral Analyst
  • Masters or Doctorate degree in Special Education or related field and at least 5 years experience providing training or consulting in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Who is an IISS Technician?

IISS technicians provide intensive one-on-one supportive interventions to a child with autism. We allow our technicians to work 1 to 30 hours per week either as the sole technician for a child or as a member of the team of technicians assigned to a child. IISS is based on a treatment plan specifically designed for the child.

The Treatment plan can involve the technician preventing or diffusing crises, promoting developmental and social skills growth, providing the child with behavior management skills, giving the child a sense of security and safety, assisting the child with maintaining self-sufficiency and impulse control, improving the child’s positive self-expression and interpersonal communication, improving the child’s ability to function and cooperate in the home and community, reversing negative behaviors and attitudes, and fostering stabilization and structure.

IISS Technicians are offered ongoing individualized instruction and supervised by our professional staff. Most times we encourage our Intensive Individual Support Services Technicians to provide respite care to the children they are assigned. That way, both the child and the parents are familiar with and have confidence in the person’s skills.

Job Qualifications for an IISS Technician:

  • at least a high school degree or GED
  • some experience working with children with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities as a service provider or as a family member.

We prefer to employ individuals who have education and/or training along with experience providing care for children with autism or other developmental disabilities; however, we will consider each person’s strengths and abilities when offering him/her a position as IISS technician with our agency.

Who is a Respite Care Worker?

While acting in the role of caregiver, a Respite Care Worker keeps a child safe. The worker must also understand the challenges of handling the possible crises that children with autism can experience. Respite Care is NOT guided by an individualized treatment plan in the way that IISS is guided. The primary goal of respite care is essentially to keep the child well-cared for in natural settings, and may include overnight stays in the child’s home while the parents are away.

Job Qualifications for a Respite Care Worker:

  • at least a high school degree or GED.
  • some experience working with children with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities as a service provider or as a family member will be an added advantage

Applying for a Job

If you meet all the job requirement criteria, you can fill out a Job Skill Profile (JSP) online, or you can download, print, fill out and fax the Job Skill Profile(JSP) form below.