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imageOur Commitment to Families

We understand that people with autism are human beings who experience the same basic feelings (mad, sad, glad, and scared) just as everyone does.

We commit to treating your loved ones with the utmost respect and care while providing personalized and unique services in the least restrictive environment.

Matching Renoxx Caregivers Staff with Families

Renoxx Caregivers understand the importance of family and that’s why we carefully select only the most experienced, compatible caregivers for placement in your home, to care for your loved ones. Only the most compatible caregivers are presented to the client/family.

We do our best to encourage an attitude of teamwork among our families and staff. Our Administrative Team is dedicated to serving our Direct Care Staff so that families can count on having the support they have requested. Our families have come to know that they, as well as our employees matter to us. We treat our employees with the respect and appreciation they deserve. Our intention is to assure our employees that they are not ‘out there alone’ handling the difficult challenges that individuals with autism endure and present to those who care for them. We require our Direct Care Staff to have contact with their supervisors; and we encourage them to ask for help or critique our policies and procedures, knowing that our agency will only grow with open, honest, and direct communication.

Please get in touch with us to obtain more valuable information on our operational strategies and how we provide services. We have also provided key policies to guide families’ decision(s) and judgment on that page.

Request for Services
If your child is currently enrolled in the Autism Waiver, please use the Services Request for Autism Waiver Participant form. If you have a private insurance that covers our services or you want to pay privately, please use the Service Request for Non-Waiver Participant form.