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Job Openings


Autism Waiver Program Educator


Work with special needs students with autism.Teach basic life processes and skills.
Assist case manager to provide comprehensive case management services to autism waiver recipients including:

  • Conduct of initial assessment;
  • Development, monitoring and supervision of treatment plan implementation;
  • Training and feedback to parents and support staff to aid in child’s progress and
  • Liaise with all members of the case management team (caregivers and other professional staff) and family members to ensure a comprehensive and integrated case management solution and resolve concerns and complaints.

Additional Information

The position will primarily teach elementary school age special needs students with autism (grades 1-8), although it may interact with some middle and high school-aged students with autism, depending on the individualized needs of each student and his or her family.

The position will include teaching the following life processes and skills (depending on the individualized needs of each special needs student with autism):

  • Socially acceptable behaviors, including socialization and behavior management
  • Communication
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Community Integration
  • Personal Care and Hygiene
  • Self-advocacy/self-determination
  • Safety Awareness, such as how to identify dangers in the environment, and how to identify police officers and other individuals who can help the student
  • Problem-Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills.

As indicated in the duties listed, this position is focused on special education students. By necessity, the topics taught are holistically centered around each students individual needs and their personal skill development, rather than individualized academic coursework.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must have Bachelor’s Degree (Education)
  • 1 year experience working with children with cognitive disabilities including Autism (experience may be pre or post degree)
  • Maryland Educator Certification – Special Education 1-8
  • Criminal Background check.

TO APPLY – Mail Resume to:

A. Maloney
Renoxx Caregivers, Inc.
9500 Annapolis Road, Suite B2,
Lanham, MD 20706