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Read about some of our success stories and parent comments in our different programs.

The mom of a 2-year-old daughter in our ABA program says:
“I just want to let you know that I’m really impressed with my daughter’s improvement with Anna, her RBT. My daughter now can repeat the number from 0-to 9. She can say many colors. And she said “phone” when she wants to play with the phone. This is amazing and I really appreciate Anna’s effort.”
Parents of a 17-year-old son in our Autism Program say:
“My husband and I wish to thank you very much for making accommodations and coordinating Comfort’s availability for my son the last few weeks of summer and even the day school are closed in September. As working parents, it’s reassuring that we have a place that we can rely on for our son when we have gaps for closures or other life situations that come up. Have a wonderful and blessed rest of your week.”
The mom of a 16-year-old son in our Autism Program says:
” I have definitely seen a big difference with my son’s ability to be more expressive. We have been very satisfied with the services provided by Renoxx Caregivers, Inc. Their professionalism and dedication have made a difference in our child’s life and I look forward to continuing to work with their agency.”
Parents of a 20-year-old son in our Autism Program say:
“As recipients of Maryland’s Autism Waiver services, my son and I have had the good fortune to receive these services from Renoxx Caregivers since 2011. The Renoxx team has become an integral part of our daily lives with regard to implementing routines and practices that will best serve our son as he learns to compensate for the many challenges posed by his autism.”
The mom of a 19-year-old son in our Autism Program says:
“Our son attends the Renoxx Therapeutic Integration Center five days a week where he learns to socialize and participate with peers. He receives Respite Care in the home and in connection with community outings. Renoxx has provided our son with a wonderful IISS technician who has helped him to master many life skills in our home. Under the technician’s guidance, our son has developed a wide range of domestic and personal care skills, as well as, community-based living skills that will go far in preparing him for his upcoming transition to adult services.”
Parents of a 14-year-old son in our Autism Program say:
“The strong rapport our son has developed with his main technician and the other Renoxx… who work with him, has helped him to develop pragmatic speech skills, explore leisure activities and maintain an active social schedule. We just want to say a “big” thank you to the Renoxx team!”
The mom of an 18-year-old son in our Autism Program says:
“Renoxx assigned us an amazing family trainer who has provided us with the guidance and supports that we require as we work to prepare our son for his future.”
The mom of a 20-year-old daughter in our Autism Program says:
“The Renoxx Team is always there to support my family and me to ensure that our daughter makes steady gains toward independence as he moves through the transitional years toward adulthood.”
The mom of a 17-year-old son in our Autism Program says:
“My husband and I both appreciate the high level of support, care, and service management that Renoxx has offered us over the years. As a mom, I give high marks to the Renoxx team and recommend them to anyone seeking services for individuals with autism.”
The mom of a 21-year-old son in our Autism Program says:
“By the time we were introduced to Renoxx, I was quite frustrated with the Autism Waiver Program. Yvonne (the Program Director), at our first meeting, sat through my litany of complaints, and simply said, “Please give us a chance to work with your son.” That marked the beginning of my son’s getting the services as they were intended and designed for the Autism Waiver Program.”
The mom of a 19-year-old son in our Autism Program says:
“The Program Director, Yvonne came to Renoxx with a wealth of experience in working with adults with disabilities. It was evident from the start to me that she was comfortable and confident in her skills as a Director and Manager of people and programs. She is keenly aware of the kind of staff that will be successful in working with children and adults with developmental disabilities. She has been a great asset to Renoxx in this regard and has worked to assemble a training program so the staff is prepared to meet the needs of children with autism.”
The parent of an 18-year-old son in our Autism Program says:
“The Renoxx Management Team has an open-door policy for parents. I have seen the Administrator, Ms. Elizabeth, stop what she was doing many times to assist parents. The atmosphere in the center is warm and inviting. The facility is always clean. The staff is always appropriately engaged with children and respectful to parents and families. The care plans for my son were always comprehensive and included my input. The community outings/activities are the best and have provided my son and the other children with the opportunity to be exposed to the community in a meaningful and purposeful way.”
The mom of a 17-year-old son in our Autism Program says:
“The special end-of-year programs Renoxx puts on to showcase the progress, skills, and abilities of the children have been phenomenal over the years and the quality has never waned. When the staff works with my son in our home, they are always dependable, respectful, and professional. Most importantly, I am comfortable leaving him in their care.”
The mom of a 24-year-old son in our DDA Program says:
“My son has been in an adult day program since July 2015. He is nonverbal and uses a communication device. Three weeks ago, he amazed me one morning as I was looking in his backpack and saw that he had put in there his Renoxx home-center notebook. In addition, when the Metro Access bus came to get him, his bus ID was not in the usual place in his backpack. When I asked him about the ID, again amazed, he took me to my purse and wallet, where he had stashed the ID. This scenario is clear to me that my son was asking to return to Renoxx! This makes perfect sense to me because Renoxx is where my son was accepted, well cared for, and pushed far beyond the potential I saw in him. Renoxx helped my son to better function at home and in the community. Thankfully, my son is back in Renoxx where he is receiving personal support services through the DDA program. We are completely thrilled!”
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