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Welcome To Our Autism Program Home Page!

Our Autism Program

Renoxx Caregivers is a licensed provider for the Home and Community Based Program under the Maryland Medical Assistance Autism Waiver. We are committed to providing personalized services and supports to children with Autism. Our Autism Program goal is to promote independence and improve the quality of life for both the child and their families.

Our Methodology

At Renoxx Caregivers, we believe that children with autism have incredible potentials to become self-reliant and functional in their home and community environments given proper supports and training. Renoxx Caregivers develops effective and individualized treatment plans that address deficit areas in home and community safety, health/medical care, behaviors, personal care and independent living skills through goal setting and implementation.

Our goal is to ensure that we operate a performance driven home and community based services while achieving the following integrated critical success factors:

Exceptional Service Delivery
  • ensure our participants are served in the least restrictive and safe environment
  • all services are implemented based on participant’s approved treatment plan
Family Relationship Management
  • families interview and choose their Technicians
  • families get 24hrs/7day access to Renoxx Caregivers Administrator
  • periodic feedback assessment from families
Match Competent & Qualified Technicians to Families
  • experienced technicians that live in close proximity to families they serve
  • right technician match for the families we serve
  • technicians undergo criminal background check
  • continuous training for our technician
Best Practices for all Our Business Operations
  • technology driven business processes for hiring, record management; reporting, database management, and much more
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Conformity with Regulations
  • ensure our business processes conform with all state regulations
  • ensure proper and accurate documentation of all business operations
Our Approach

Our approach is conducted in the following phases:

1. Initial Intake Assessment Phase
  • Schedule intake session with parents
  • Conduct initial assessment to identify child’s goals and needs
  • Request child’s required documents
  • Discuss child’s schedule
  • Interview and select caregivers
  • Sign consent forms
2. Orientation Phase
  • Train caregivers on specific child’s needs
  • Commence services
  • Establish rapport with child
  • Obtain baseline data while working with child
  • Develop a comprehensive treatment plan
3. Implementation of Treatment Plan Phase
  • Provide intervention to address identified goals for child
  • Document child’s daily progress on our web based system
  • Supervise caregiver on ongoing basis by Supervisor
  • Schedule other services such Family Consultation & Adult Life Planning
4. Ongoing Monitoring, Communication and Progress Report Evaluation
  • Document child’s progress
  • Monitor Technicians by Supervisor
  • Solicit monthly feedback from parents
  • Develop six months progress report
  • Distribute periodic newsletters
  • Provide status report on service hours used and balance hours
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