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Renoxx is committed to the provision of high-quality home and community based services to children with autism. We empower children to discover their full potential in life through community integration and treatment planning. Families choose which services they want and how often they wish to use them. We are dedicated to ensuring that families receive the appropriate match of Technicians their loved ones require.

We provide services to children with autism that are enrolled in the Autism Waiver program in the state of Maryland. Our services are designed to help families stay together and continue to live in their own homes and participate in their communities.

Our Autism Program Services

  • Respite Care
  • Youth Camp
  • Adult Life Planning (ALP)
  • Family Consultant Services (FC)
  • Individual Intensive Supportive Services (IISS)
  • Therapeutic Integration Services (TI) / Intensive Therapeutic Services (ITI)

Our Autism Services Description

Respite Care

At Renoxx Caregivers, we completely recognize the stress that parents/caregivers of a child with autism experience. As such we offer Respite Services which is designed to provide parents with a much-needed “break” to run errands, enjoy a night out, take a vacation, or just relax.

Respite care Technicians are professionally trained and will provide services such as:

  • Providing the individual assistance with daily living.
  • Engaging the individual in activities that interest him/her.
  • Handling the possible crises that children with autism can experience.
  • Provide overnight services while caring for your child in a safe environment
  • Taking the individual for community and other social development outings as designated by the family.
Youth Camp

Individualized service/services are provided at our Therapeutic and Recreation centers. Renoxx Caregivers take the responsibility of caring for our campers very seriously and we strive to maintain an environment that promotes safety and wellbeing of all participants and staff. Receiving the Autism waiver services can also utilize Respite services by participating in our Youth Camp programs.

At our youth camps, we offer more than just fun activities for people with autism, we offer true resources. One you can count on for support guidance, as well as personal growth and independence, every step of the way.

We offer winter, spring, summer and autumn camps which includes activities such as:

  • Arts & Crafts.
  • Music, Movement & Drama.
  • Yoga and Zumba.
  • Culinary classes – baking, simple meal preparation etc.
  • Recreational activities—birthday parties and haircuts
  • Offsite Trips – zoos, parks, museum, restaurants etc.
Adult Life Planning (ALP)

Adult Life Planning is an Autism waiver service designed to assist both the family and the young adult transitioning from Autism Waiver Services, to adult services. Renoxx Caregivers Adult Life Planner will help prepare participants on the waiver program for available opportunities in the adult system as they transition into young adults.

A life plan for an adult on the autism spectrum is a critical tool developed on an ongoing basis that details a comprehensive plan for the individual. A Life Plan includes the participant’s specific wishes/preferences/desires as well and the parent/family’s wishes and desires for their adult child’s future living arrangements throughout their lifespan. Participants eligible for this service are from age 16 to 21.

Our Adult Life Planner at Renoxx Caregivers will assist the young adult and the family with supports such as:

  • Employment resources
  • Financial planning such as SSI and Medicaid benefits.
  • Predictions of probable medical needs and desired interventions.
  • Specifics on how the individual may have control over his/her life choices.
  • Detailed choices an individual may wish to make beyond basic food, housing and medical needs.
  • Residential needs and desired living environments such as alternative housing options, Instructions for final arrangements.
  • Legal planning documents such as wills, special needs trusts, arrangements for guardianship and state and federal benefits.
Family Consultant Services (FC)

Family Consultation is a service provided to the participants and their family. It is designed to ensure that individuals with autism benefit from having consistency with strategies used across various environments (school, home, Renoxx Caregivers and other providers). Renoxx Caregivers Family Consultants work with the family to construct family-oriented goals to benefit the participant. During this service, a participant’s family will be provided with training on one-to-one interventions with their child. Our Family Consultants comprise a team of Social Workers, Special School Educators, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists, Counselors, Behavioral Analyst etc.

Some of the services provided by our Family Consultants include:

  • Training to assist the family to help the child identify and respond to dangerous situations as well as making safety decisions.
  • Individualized, hands-on training and instructions to the child’s family about the interventions they may use with their child in the home and the community.
  • Training to assist the family and the child acquire, retain, or improve skills that directly affect the child’s development and ability to reside as independently as possible.
  • Providing referrals to appropriate community resources, advocacy, and guidance on a variety of other issues that can impact the family’s ability to meet the needs of their child, along with the entire family unit.
Individual Intensive Supportive Services (IISS)

Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS) provides one-on-one staffing interventions provided to the individual with autism in their home and in the community. The IISS services are Treatment Plan driven and include goal-directed and task-oriented activities developed on an individualized basis. When providing these services, Renoxx Caregivers IISS technicians receive ongoing individualized instructions and supervision by our professional staff.

Some of the services provided by our IISS Technicians include:

  • Engaging individuals in community integration activities.
  • Provide the individual with behavior management skills and foster stabilization.
  • Improving the individual’s ability to function in the home and perform daily life skills.
  • Assisting the individual improve on positive self-expression and interpersonal communication which gives the individual a sense of security and safety.
Therapeutic Integration Services (TI)/Intensive Therapeutic Services (ITI)

Therapeutic Integration (TI) program is an after school program which offers participants a chance to explore recreation and to increase social skills in a group setting (2:1 or 3:1), while ensuring a safe, nurturing and enriching environment to meet each child’s unique needs based on the child’s individualized treatment plan. While Intensive Therapeutic Integration (ITI) services are available as a structured approach to intervention and support for individuals whose need require one to one support to allow them to engage in therapeutic and recreational activities with other peers.

Some of the activities we offer at our TI centers, with the help of our Trained Technicians and experienced Onsite Professional Supervisors include:

  • Arts & Craft; Drama, Plays
  • Music, Dance & Movement
  • Language – Receptive & Expressive Language skills
  • Socialization Groups to promote self-awareness
  • Community activities and integration
  • Behavior management services
  • Birthday party celebration;
  • Presentation by participant
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